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Finding Tatanka features a spellbinding original score by composer Ted Reichman and includes soundtrack music from the following artists.

“The Alps & Their Orange Evergreen”


Album:Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free

Released: 2009




Akron/Family are a Brooklyn, New York-based outfit whose music incorporates everything from post-psychedelic rock to appropriations of world music traditions, avant folk, and even improvisation. Their most notable trademark is their instantly recognizable three-part harmonies. The group's original lineup consisted of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Seth Olinsky, from Williamsport, Pennsylvania; vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Miles Seaton, from Porterville, California; vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Janssen, from Williamsport, Pennsylvania; and lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Vanderhoof, from Union Springs, New York. They came together around a coffee shop in Brooklyn in 2003. They began recording demos in an apartment and sending them to Young God Records label head Michael Gira, who signed them in 2004. Their self-titled debut offering appeared a year later and the band -- who'd already had a local cult following centered around the Gimme! Coffee shop -- began to develop a madcap reputation for their wide, seamless, yet jarring stylistic variations, often within the same song.



Cris Williamson


Pioneering singer, songwriter, activist, and teacher, Cris Williamson has been at the forefront of the women's music movement--and a major presence in the lesbian community--for decades.

Like other women's music innovators in a time when such a genre was truly "alternative," Williamson, while not widely recognized by the mainstream, has met with large and appreciative audiences since the 1970s. Her fans admire her honesty; while her lyrics cross lines of gender, age, and sexual preference, they are also intensely personal, and she has been out as a lesbian throughout her career.





Album: The Changer and the Changed

Released: 1990



Album: Embrace

Released: 2008

Sleepy Sun


SLEEPY SUN were at the beginning formed as a five-piece bluesy garage rock outfit named MANIA by UC (University of California) Santa Cruz students Bret CONSTANTINO (voices), Matt HOLLIMAN (guitar), Evan REISS (guitar), Hubert GUY (bass), and Brian TICE (drums) in 2005. The young, promising quintet gradually expanded their garage rock style into eclectic psychedelia and around 2007 they naturally changed their band's name to SLEEPY SUN.

Their first gig was exactly another dawn of SLEEPY SUN - a female sunshine Rachel FANNAN (voices; BIRDS FLED FROM ME) got immersed into the gig and decided to join the quintet. The five rocky guys willingly invited her for recording with the collaboration of a producer Colin Stewart in Canada. As a result, the Californian sextet SLEEPY SUN released their debut album 'Embrace' on their own in summer 2008 ('Embrace' was reissued via ATP Recordings in May 2009).




Kelley Stoltz

Singer/songwriter Kelley Stoltz grew up in the Detroit area, but eventually found his way to San Francisco after taking a detour to New York City, where he worked in the mailroom atJeff Buckley's management company. Armed with a four-track recorder and a wealth of lo-fi pop songs, Stoltz began recording his own material, performing all the parts himself and drawing comparisons to artists like Brian Wilson andCaptain Beefheart. Those songs caught the ear of Monte Vallier, who helped Stoltz clean up and sweeten the recordings for release as The Past Was Faster. After that,Stoltz upgraded to an eight-track and self-released Antique Glow in a limited quantity of 200 vinyl copies, each one housed in a different, originally designed sleeve by Stoltz himself. Antique Glow was then picked up by Jackpine Social Club for wider release in 2003, which both raised his profile and allowed him to quit his teaching job.








“Wave Goodbye”

“Birdies singing”

“The Sun Comes Through”


Album: Below the Branches

Released: 2006



The Mermen


One of the odder and more wonderful bands to emerge from the surf music revival, the Mermen race between high-octane surf anthems and spaced-out blasts of psychedelia. Neither their albums nor their live shows follow any sort of expected or ordinary path, and the band has made many sincere attempts to get away from the surf music label. Based in San Francisco, the band has developed a broad cult following, encourages tapers, and has developed a strong relationship with radio, resulting in numerous radio broadcasts, some of which were compiled for The Mermen Live at the Haunted House (1994).





Album: The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show

Released: 2000

The Court & Spark


With few obvious alternative country comparisons, as they are neither drawn to the psychedelic sounds common to bands like Beachwood Sparks nor the rootsy rock of Son Volt and their ilk, the Court & Spark create twangy mood music. Formed around the nucleus of Scott Hirsch, Alex Stimmel, James Kim, and laconic lead vocalist M.C. Taylor, the San Francisco band moved past a noisier early incarnation to take cues from the classic sounds of the early country-rock era. Still, much as they apparently admire the troubadour aesthetic, the sound they capture is altogether more sonically progressive and multi-faceted than the work of simple roots rock revivalists. 




“Rooster Mountain” 


Album: Bless You

Released: 2003

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