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"A compelling study of a fascinating figure.

Bricca's film is simultaneously an intellectual and emotional investigation of a unique American family."


– Michael Gottwald, Producer of Beasts of the Southern Wild


"Heartbreaking and intimate... extraordinary."


– Library Journal


"A fascinating window into the life of a movement activist--when the movement thrived and after the movement died.

Combining home movies, historical news accounts, and contemporary interviews, Finding Tatanka allows students of today to understand the activism of the 60s in a different way, not romanticized, not demonized, but involving gifts and costs that would only be truly understood in retrospect."


– Rob Rosenthal, Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University



"A deeply personal family tale,

Finding Tatanka illustrates the struggle of the 60s generation to keep their beliefs alive, and to search for meaning and spiritual fulfillment beyond revolutionary ideals. The film keenly captures themes both intimate and universal."


– Katie Walsh, Indiewire 


"We were equal parts blown away, heartbroken and riveted.

Tatanka is enigmatic and heroic, mystifying and naïve. His journey made us laugh at him, embrace him, hold him in high esteem as an example of an independent spirit who deeply cares about the planet and the rights of the less fortunate, a man to admire and follow.


And then the circle would start again while we shook our heads in disbelief, then awe, then sadness, glued to the story the entire way. It was a beautiful, crumbling, healing look into the truth about your father, which mirrors the complicated relationships we all have with ours."


Tamar Halpern, Filmmaker



"A beautiful and accomplished piece of filmmaking: engaging, emotional, and profound.
A subtle and mature documentary that unfolds with a masterful, elegant flow, allowing its very personal story to resonate as a universal human experience, namely the fate of youthful idealism.
By the time it concludes, Finding Tatanka is not just the personal story of Kit Bricca: it is also a chronicle of American idealism from the 1960s peace, civil rights, and activist movements through the fate of this ethos in the Reagan years and into the present.  As such, it achieves a rich and complex meditation on the search for purpose in life, our desire to enact change, and the very human need to envision a better world."


Louis Pepe, Film Director




"Finding Tatanka takes us on a journey at once familiar and wholly unique.

It is a story of the price paid for changing the world; a story of the possibility of reinventing oneself, of failing and surviving. It is a love story in the broadest sense of the word; romantic love, love of family, and love of humanity.”


– Judith Ehrlich, The Most Dangerout Man In America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers



"I related to Tatanka's story because it is also partly the story of my life.

I totally understand what following a "vision" at all costs is about. Tatanka brought back some 40 years of my own life in flashes, and at times moved me to tears. I, and I think many of us survivors from the 60's will relate on a personal level—it is a very human and touching story about an extraordinary human being.”


– Regis Tremblay, Filmmaker




"Finding Tatanka would be unbelievable as a Hollywood script.

As a documentary it is nothing less than a heartfelt meditation on the cost of loving too much.”


— Jonathan Holloway, Dean of Yale College and Professor Of History and American Studies, Yale University 



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